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Welcome to the M. Sc. in Forest Ecology and Management at the University of Freiburg

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ATTENTION APPLICANTS   Restructuring of the Forest Related M.Sc. Programs

The Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences is reorganizing its portfolio of M.Sc. programs. In doing so the M.Sc. in Forest Ecology and Management (FEM) will be transformed into the more flexible M.Sc. Forest Science.

Read more in the respective News article.

The MSc course in Forest Ecology and Management (FEM) focuses on the sustainable management of natural resources, with a particular focus on forested landscapes. In a world, where both the environmental conditions as well as the aspirations of society for itself and future generations are highly dynamic, our environment cannot be managed according to fixed recipes. Adaptive management, a fundamental concept of ecosystem management, addresses this uncertainty, and is providing the framework for the content of this MSc course.

The FEM program is also part of the M. Sc. in European Forestry (funded by Erasmus Mundus), the TRANSFOR-M (funded by the EU) and Bachelor PLUS (funded by DAAD).


Basic Information


Forest Ecology and Management


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Language of Instruction:



2 years / 4 semesters

Total number of credits:

120 ECTS

accredited by: Acquin-Logo


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